Design Matters

Design matters. It matters to me, and it should certainly matter to you.

We may not consciously think about it, but Design shapes the world we live in, the things we live with, and our ability to live and work effectively in the spaces we inhabit. For better, or for worse.

With more than thirty years experience in the rich field of Interior Design, I recognize the amazing power of design to create a sense of place: a place that evokes your spirit, respects your personal preferences, and reflects your identity. At Janice Russillo Design, we create client driven designs that support you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Designs that turns a house into your HOME.

Whether in your primary residence, vacation home, or professional office, a well designed space should be more than aesthetically pleasing: it should enhance your well-being, and positively affect your interaction with family, guests, or clients.

At Janice Russillo Design, we realize that Good Design is possible at any price point. We want clients to feel comfortable approaching us with their projects. Whether it’s young clients who want stylish interiors to start them off on solid footing, or clients whose generous budgets allow us to complete entire projects with all the trimmings, our goal is the same. We want to help you enjoy the process of creating your personal environment. We know how to balance a budget, and we know how to spend creatively to give you a finished product that makes us all proud.

Janice Russillo Design has been exceeding expectations since 1980.

Call us. Let us take you beyond the expected.